What were the cable companies before Comcast?

As of now, when we are approaching 2021 amid a global pandemic, Xfinity (previously known as Comcast) has its footmark in over 40 states. With the maximum number of subscribers, Comcast Xfinity ranks number one followed by Spectrum when it comes to the telecommunication industry. Not to forget the fact that it is one of the most challenging times for the cable industry as a whole to survive. Internet and constant development in technical aspects of information and entertainment factions. Most commonly seen in the form of apps, streaming services, free online content, availability to access offline content, and so much more that makes cable service to appear as an expensive commodity today.

Here, however, we are going to walk through a brief timeline of the cable industry before the arrival of Comcast. It will give us an idea, how the industry transformed before and after 1981 when Comcast was founded. So, without further delay, let’s get to it: 

Conclusive Notes

Comcast which is now re-branded and popularly known as Xfinity came into being in 1981. Before that, it was driven through investments only. The timeline we shared above, gives us an idea that there was no technical support like we have today. The laws and cable industry were also evolving but Comcast made its place and survived through everything. The challenges today might look inescapable but no challenge was insignificant in any era, through the 4 or 5 years but till today, it somehow managed to rank above all. 

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