How to Use Instagram to Boost Up Your Business

In 2020, Instagram is the part of almost everyone lives, from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to our street’s chaiwala (tea seller) are on Instagram. Instagram is usually use to share their photos and videos but it depends on user one is doing for its personal use and one is promoting their business.

Almost 1 billion active users are there around the globe on Instagram.  Using this statistic, we can say is – every business should be in Instagram to gain their business because in upcoming years it will overtake Facebook users and will become one of the largest users active in social media and it would be too popular to ignore. So, this is the time where there is bit low competition comparing to future, to join Instagram.

If your running small business and want to sell your product or want your customer comes to you store or built a brand, you must join Instagram as it is easier than other social media and cheaper as well anyone can afford it. As I mention that there is bit low competition but it is comparing to future but currently there is competition and in this competitive world you need proper strategies to compete and get your page well recognised and ultimately it will help you to gain your business.

Just follow the following strategies, work on it and you are good to go!!!

If don’t have an account, its better to make business account. And if you have an account but a personal one, switch to business account to get all facilities which are essential for your knowledge. Business account will show complete analytics about how many impressions came, your reach, your likes and much more. It can sync your Facebook Page so that you don’t have to make multiple post for both individual. Most importantly it can enable you to run paid Ads which are really very effective, interactive and affordable.

Bio is the very important but many doesn’t pay any attention on it and miss the opportunity of impressing your followers and proper bio can increase your reach as well. Bio have only 150 characters use very smartly. Use branded hashtags in your bio to increase your reach. Insert your business’s website if you have one, never forget to add link of your business. You can even add your YouTube page’s link. By adding link in bio, you are increasing your website traffic as well.

Instagram is not like other platform where there you can share text contents and all, here it is all about visual content which are photos and videos. You just have to create such trendy, interactive, attractive contents to caught the attendance of users. Creating a theme can give an identity and that can help you create a brand. Always create a theme first related to your business and create every content using that theme and that would look uniform and well maintain.

After creating a good content its time to post it on your account and increase your reach please you good captions and a proper and related hashtag. Never use more than 15 hashtags, ideal range is 5-10 hashtag per post. You can even use hashtags in your comment and that good practice to increase your reach. Never use the same hashtags which are used in your earlier posts that can backfire if you do serval times and that can reduce your reach as well. Always your related and branded hashtags.

Always take care of your followers by giving replying on comments as much as you can.  Check your DMs and reply to your followers.

Create giveaway contests. Many follower love to respond to your post and small competition for some giveaways are really engaging.

Everybody loves listening stories and this Instagram feature is getting so much love as well. Using this feature of stories are very effective. On regular bases make a calendar and post regularly like every day or every twice or thrice a week or month whichever is convenient.

Meme are very trendy nowadays among youth, so you can use such comedy memes related to your business as well.

Small teasers or pre booking pictures can put on your stories.

After creating a proper page of your and you have a small budget, Instagram Paid Ads are for you. It is very effective and affordable than other Paid Ads. You can sync your Ad with Facebook as well so that your Ad would show in Facebook as well. There are many filters are there to run this Ad, many people don’t know and don’t this feature and waste their money. For example, I am running the business of restaurant in Ahmedabad and I want to run an Ad on Instagram but I didn’t use the filter so it will show around the country and that won’t be more effective and you going to waste money. So, always be smart and use proper filter and use your money wisely.


Instagram will be very crucial in upcoming years.  So, be prepare yourself by creating a business account before it gets late. Use the opportunity and boost up your business with help ofInstagram.

Everybody can run such business account but the trained one can always reach their goal faster. Invest your time in Learn Social Media Marketing from the Best Digital Marketing Course Ahmedabad.

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